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The Alcomp® program is easy to implement in any dairy ration. Alcomp® allows the modern producer to feed his herd “As the Cow Was Designed“, with feed efficiency and good use off orage and grain. Alcomp® can make you money.

Are you looking for a“rumen friendly diet?” Want to reduce purchased inputs and increase for age content and hold or increase production at the same time?Ask your nutritionist to formulate a ration with Alcomp®! vache-1

These products are custom formulas for specific applications and needs variants. Liquid Hydrogen-Enriched Energy Solutions (LHES) are feed supplements designed for each specific livestock need.

  • Dairy Production
  • Beef Production
  • Swine Operations
  • Poultry
  • Equine – All Natural – 6% Protein
  • Exotics
  • Other ruminants and monogastrics
  • Commercial Bulk Feed Operations (Pelletizing Efficiency – Lowers Load and Amperage)

Energy is Life (See article by Nutritionist, Dr. Youngblood, PhD)

Liquid Hydrogen-enriched Energy Solutions

Energy is the first demand in all animal nutrition. The energy will be met first, at the expense of all other nutrients, being protein, minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins. Superior genetics has endowed the animal to far surpass its ability to intake enough energy to supply its daily needs. If the energy needs are not satisfied and protein is available, it will be broken down to satisfy the energy needs first before any of it will be utilized to meet the protein or amino acid needs. The total energy requirement of animals surpasses all other nutrient requirements. It is therefore the nucleus of the total diet of all species.

It is also necessary that maximum energy required be received from the energy source, so as to preserve the protein requirements. That source is Ethyl Alcohol. ETHYL (grain) ALCOHOL has more hydrogen per pound of product and is in the most excited state known to man. ETHYL (GRAIN) ALCOHOL works 30 times faster than carbohydrate sources of energy.

Liquid Hydrogen-Enriched Energy Solutions or LHES, pronounced “LESS”, where LHES IS MORE.


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LHES EQUINE is formulated specifically for an all natural equine formula of 6% protein with no added nitrogen source. Drench, top fed, or add mix to a complete ration. This is new product line of 1ON1 NUTRITION, having utilized the application of these formulas in the field for decades. The advanced action impacts skeletal growth and bone/joint integrity of the animal in addition to the accelerated muscular and overall body score produced by use of the product.

The overall physical integrity, growth range and athletic ability of the animal is maximized as the LHES regimen is utilized. This product increases blood oxygen. Health benefits include overall hoof integrity, less colic, and a more relaxed attitude with high energy benefits. Foals develop skeleton growth to equal or match their genetic potential. Carbohydrates, fats, sugars, and/or grains develop muscling or fat in advance of skeletal growth which limits the ability of the hooves, legs, ligaments/tendons, and all joints to reach growth potential thereby causing limitations of the these facets of physical structure and breakdowns under stress. Implementing the LHES EQUINE regimen in the potential or performing athlete equine for 30-60 days can assimilate a hydrogen energy potential excited by the oxygen rise maximizing all carbohydrates, protein, minerals, trace minerals and vitamins in the total diet.

LHES works 30 times faster than carbohydrate sources of energy and does not create acidosis problems associated with high grain diets. LHES increases the number of roughage-loving bacteria in the cecum and allows the body to assimilate the starches and sugars that are tied up in the stem of all forages. Laminitis and founder, also known as inflammation created by excess carbohydrates and/or protein, produces lactic acid which travels via the blood to the horny laminae in the hoof and is not repairable.

Introducing a revolutionary ultraviolet light energy (UV1-235) that will reduce your production costs and improve the quality of your animals. Tests have shown that adding one pound of Liquid Hydrogen-enriched Energy Supplement (LHES) and three pounds of non-legume hay roughage will replace the grain energy of four pounds of corn energy in an equine’s diet. Meeting an equine’s energy requirements without requiring the equine to consume excessive amounts of grain, results in a significant weight gain per pound of feed consumed. Horses are better conditioned in terms of skeletal growth, muscle development, stronger estrous cycles, better conception rates, and display less laminitis.

Energy needs will be met first at the expense of all nutrients. It is therefore necessary that the maximum energy required be received from LHES This preserves the protein fed to meet the animal’s protein requirements. If energy is deficient, protein is used as a source of energy which is very expensive and highly inefficient.

  1. Carbohydrates from grain sources cause founder and acidosis when energy requirements are met with grain alone.
  2. Carbohydrates from cellulose sources are too bulky for the animal to consume sufficient quantities to fulfill energy requirements.
  3. Fat sources have palatability challenges and meeting requirements with fat sources is limited.
  4. If protein is used, the net energy gain is too expensive and the stress on the animal from excess ammonia production impacts the urinary tract.

Using LHES EQUINE as a high energy source aids in solving these problems and comes in a convenient and cost-effective application the animal is capable of consuming in a daily allotment diet. The recommended feeding is 1# per 500 weight. From the foaling barn to the arena and out onto the track, LHES EQUINE provides a lifetime of positive potential for the equine enthusiast, performance professional, trainer, breeder or investor by allowing any breed specimen to meet their genetic potential.If you are a veterinarian or nutritionist lookan edge in your program, call me. I would be happy to hear from you.

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