Inoculants for Silage, High Moisture Corn and Hay
Supplies a source of 7 live, viable, Homo-Fermenting lactic acid bacteria. Nutri-Lock has a target application rate of l00,000 cfu/g of treated silage or high moisture corn.


  • Excellent Forage Color Retention.
  • Increased Forage
  • Superior Nutrient
  • Superior Forage
  • Greater Dry Matter
  • Increased Milk
  • Improves Bunk
  • Aids in the reduction of
  • Remains Cool during feed
  • Non-Corrosive to

Nutri-Lock inoculant are specifically formulated for: Nutri-Lock for Corn Silage, Alfalfa, small Cereal Grain Silage, and Nutri-Lock Gold for High Moisture Corn and Earlage.

May be purchased in two  forms:

  • Soluble Powder 100 grams
  • Highly concentrated 155 grams

Nutri-Lock promotes a rapid fermentation in all ensiled feeds. Nutri-Lock bacteria multiply rapidly at the rate of 2x every 25 minutes. These rapidly multiplying bacteria then convert the plant sugars to Lactic Acid.  As Lactic Acid rapidly increases the silage ph will drop. Creating a low pH environment inhibits the growth of pH sensitive yeast and  mold organisms.

silage pile

What Others Are Saying

“This is a third genera:tion family business . Currently the operation includes, 3500 acres of rangeland, 800 beef cows, 4500 acres of farm ground and we finish about 13,000 head in our feedlot annually. Almost every year, we put up High Moisture Corn, and Corn Silage . We have used Nutri-Lock inoculant exclusively.
in our operation and we are very happy with the results. Nutri-Lock inoculant is a good product, they have good service and we get the best results”.

Garry Kramer and his brothers Roger, Randy & Byron own and operate a ranch, farming and feedlot operation at Holyoke, CO

“We run three Ciaos Cutters and harvest small cereal grain silage, corn silage and sorghum silage. We run from March to November,in TX, WY, OK, KS, and NE. Our customer base includes dairies, feedlots, and farmer feeders. We have been in business since 1973, and these past Six years have been working with Nutri-Lock. We feel Nutri-Lock helps our business because we can consistently produce a quality product for our customers and we always get excellent service from Vit-E-Men Co.”

Bobby Massleon and his son J.l own and operate Massieon Farms located In Wamego, KS.

“My farming operation includes several hundred acres of alfalfa. I harvest, store and then deliver alfalfa haylage and alfalfa hay bales to 30 dairies in NE, IA  SD, ND, Ml, IN, WI, OH,PA NY, WV, MD, TX, KY,and OK. I have been using Nutri-Lock inoculant in my operation exclusively for over 1O years. My haylage smells sweet and my customers love it. Nutri-Lock is vital in my hay farming operation.”/p>

Bernie Wrede farms 2500 acres of alfalfa hay in Northeast Nebraska.

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